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Learn to Fly it like a 2 liner

Paragliding Progression for all levels

My professional experience and unique approach will provide the traction necessary for pilots to progress. I personally work with each Client to help them achieve their individual aerial goals. Early on, I identify what each pilot is capable of with my aim being to help them reach, then exceed, that potential in as safe an approach as possible.


Why Choose to Fly with me

Its all about getting the most out of your gear

Where it started for me.

At the beginning of 2010 i had just finished my licence and was eager to get as much flight time as possible, by mid April i had competed in my first competition on my beginner wing and finished 11th overall. A month later i bought an Airwave Magic 5 (en-D) and went to my 2nd competition which i won overall with more than a 1000 point lead. This was the moment i knew i needed to change something in my life. During my first season i had managed to clock up almost 600hrs and was ready for the next step.

Having devoted pretty much all the season to getting as much experience as i could in a range of conditions i had to find a way to work while flying. Tandems seemed to be the natural choice giving both a chance to fly many hours in a range of conditions and earn money to continue free-flying and Competing. By the beginning of December i was living in Nepal and was starting to fly commercial tandems.

For the next four and a half years i was working the winters in Nepal and free flying, competing and beginning to guide pilots at sites i was familiar with during the Northern Summers. 

During this time i was lucky enough to fly just shy of 5000 tandem flights and approximately 600 solo hours each year. 

Over the years I have been a team pilot of Skyman Paragliders, Gin Gliders and now Bruce Goldsmith Design.

Competition Results

I have made a reputation for myself in racing an en-B and now an en-C while still being able to beat most if not all the 2 liners in the competition. I try to promote safer racing as i feel that many pilots step up to 2 liners much earlier than their skill levels safely allow.

Over the years i have been on multiple category podiums at almost all the competitions i have flown in. My most successful wing in this was the Gin Gliders Carrera Plus that i won during the 2015 Polish Open, many people thought i would simply sell the wing and by a 2 liner to race on. Personally I felt there was something else in store and think that if a manufacturer or any sponsor gives prizes then you should show enough respect to use and promote what was won.

Promoting Safer racing became my  personal mission, showing other pilots that you can still be competitive on a lesser wing.  Not to forget about taking it as a compliment when pilots on Enzos and Zenos would lodge protests to check my gliders trim as it was not possible for me to be ahead of them.

Apart from several comps where i had equipment or health issues i have normally won Fun, Sport and Serial class at most competitions and several podium finishes in the overall results over a broad range of competitions such as XC, open distance, race to goals, hike and fly to X-Alps 

What My Aim Is

I try to get people to not only fly to their best abilities but to also get the maximum out of their equipment while maintaining a safe learning environment.

No matter if you are a Club Pilot or Competition pilot I pride myself in being able to quickly analyse and find the problems or whats lacking in a pilots skills or psychology to come up with exercises for the pilot to improve in those areas.

Over the past 10 years i have travelled to most popular flying sites around the world, competing, Vol Biv and free flying my way around the globe trying to discover the next potential destinations. 

Charles E

I spent two weeks with Stan in Colombia and my learning curve was exponential. He was very clear about the progress he was after and he had XRay eyes that spotted areas for improvement from what seemed like impossible distances! As a group we always felt safe with his judgements and he made it  great fun as well. I’m looking forward to my next trip with him.

Richard B

Very enjoyable and fun tour of Colombia guided by Stan.  Paragliding community is very well served by professional guides, Stan certainly keeps the bar very high.   I would very much like to do it all again and would highly recommend.

David H

Stan is an excellent guide: he sees everything and uses this knowledge to improve your flying.  And he has a sixth sense for directing you to the best climbs.

I cannot recommend Stan highly enough: he is an excellent observant and supportive guide. Your techniques will improve and you will fly further and better.

From watching a mosquito thermal 10km downwind Stan can figure out the position of every thermal in the surrounding area.

Having spent two weeks with Stan, my flying (and hence safety) has much improved.  He is one of the best.


He's a really nice bloke too.

Emily R

My sister and I greatly benefitted from Stan’s coaching/guiding services when we were paragliding in Annecy for a few days last July. While we had flown Annecy previously, the XC flights we had that week definitely took us to farther reaches of the area than we had been before. Stan’s style of coaching is an effective blend of allowing you to fly your own plan and learning from the decisions you make in flight, but he also offers helpful observations and suggestions to become a more efficient, safer and confident pilot. One of the best things about working with Stan is that he meets you at your level—-whether you are a freshly-minted club pilot, just getting into recreational XC flying or looking to hone your skills as a comp pilot, Stan draws on his wealth of experience to uniquely cater the instruction and guiding to match your skill set. 


Every day we would assess weather conditions together and formulate a rough flight plan based on the information we had available. He also took a plentitude of video clips and photos in the air which he shared with us on a micro SD card. Listening to feedback about your flying technique is one thing, but getting to watch yourself fly is even more instructive. At the end of our time together, Stan provided a great list of observations—both things to work on as well as things we were already doing well. We are again seeking out Stan’s coaching this summer as we learned so much during our last session with him.

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