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Colombia 2021

3rd-16th Jan

17th-30th Jan

Having been limited during the 2020 summer in our normal operations schedule, it’s now time to try to return to normal. Starting off the new year by travelling to one of our favourite winter destinations, Colombia.

Past trips have been a huge success for our clients with most of them smashing their personal bests and progressing their flying during the winter period in guaranteed small group tours.

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Learn to

Fly further

in your XC

Taking the knowledge built up over the last decade of full time free flying and competiting around the world we will cover ways to better each pilots performance, from weather analysis, safe launches, thermalling, XC flying to competition flying. 
Daily Pre and Post flight briefings including track log analysis.




Bombing out isn’t the end of the adventure

Colombia is definitely one of those places where after bombing out you will discover the true genuineness of the local people, always eager to help and share a smile while becoming ambassadors of their community and show you how great Colombia is. 


Learn to fly the mountains and the flats

Flying over the valley we are spoilt with an amazing patchwork ranging from the dark browns of ploughed fields through all the shades of deep lush greens. Learning to fly the flats is an essential skill for any pilot and here is one of the premium places in the world for learning that skill set. 


Get to know

the arena

like i do

Ill do my best to get you flying faster and further, sharing the techniques I use to get myself on podiums on almost every competition I have entered over the last decade all over the world.


this is your opportunity to forums on your development without the hassle of big groups.

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